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Missionaries of Charity Brothers

Brother Yesu Das, MC
Brother Yesu Das, MC, carrying the relics of Mother Teresa of Calcutta to the altar at the Beatification of Mother Teresa, October 19, 2003. St. Peter's Square, Rome.

// UPDATE March 11, 2004. Brother Yesu Das is at their Los Angeles Ministry this week before traveling to Haiti on Saturday, March 13th. They are having difficulties with the revolution in progress and Brother Das will attempt to work through the turmoil brought onto their mission. At the beginning of April, the good Brother is traveling to Cambodia to work out plans with the government to use donated land to begin yet another mission to help the poor and the totally rejected. \\

The Missionaries of Charity Brothers help the Poorest of the Poor. They have missions in 33 different countries. India, Africa, Latin America, Haiti, North America, Far East, Korea and Europe. Brother Yesu Das, MC, is the head of the MOC Brothers. In 2004, Brother Das will celebrate his 30th anniversary in the order. August 24th will be his 55th birthday.

Concerning a part of MOC Brothers' work in India, Brother Das wrote,

"We have many leprosy patients in Calcutta. We have a big center here for them. We care for over 36 thousand leprosy patients only in Calcutta. We also have another 20 centers in different parts of India. It is a joy for us to be with these people and give our life for them in the name of Jesus. It is really a grace to be with the poor."

Their work is never done. Just this last September they established a small community in Cambodia. As Brother Das said,

"The suffering of people in Cambodia is really bad. There are many young people dying daily with AID's. We have a home there for them. ....Why do we start a community in such a place or what can we do in that kind of situation where people suffer and die of revenge, poverty and sickness? I believe in each brother we have sent to Cambodia, I believe that each of those brothers and sisters who are in our communities in Cambodia, have the ability to do small things. Small things will change the place where they are for the better. "

Brother Das travels around the world to visit and establish new homes. In early summer of 2003, he visited MOC brothers in the Phillipines and in Cambodia. He was in Rome in October for the Beatification of Mother Teresa. He also visited their communities in Paris, France and Manchester, England.

About Paris, Brother Das writes in his Christmas Newsletter,

"Our world does not need big plans for a change for the better. It needs people who do small things with great love. Being with the brothers in an affluent country like France, it became very evident what people are longing for. Visiting alcoholics, mentally disturbed, destitutes and drop-outs on the streets and in the home for them in Paris, they revealed to me what the modern world long for. Visiting Edward in Paris touched me. He is a man of great culture and charm who talked well and fluently, with imagination and humour. I could not figure out why he is there in that situation. When we were leaving him, the brother who was with me asked him 'Can I bring something for you when I come next?'. He said - 'No, I only want friendship'."

After the Beatification, dear Brother Das went with some of the Brothers to Romania to open a new community to look after the street children there. He writes,

"Being with the Sisters for the street ministry in Bucharest and visiting the poor gypsy families was an experience of the poor who are filled with life and concern for each other. In the limitations of their street life and with their poverty they did not miss the joy of life. Listening to the singing of a street girl called Mariatha, I could see her inner beauty. When I saw her first from afar, I thought her clumsy, uncouth, all of a fumble - I saw her merely or wholly as a casualty, a broken creature with abuse of alcohol and drugs. The brother and sisters who were with me offered her a sandwich and a cup of hot drink. Suddenly I saw that light dressed Mariatha' s face. Calm and slightly smiling she suddenly brought to mind what small things could do. As I approached she heard my footsteps and turned, gave me a broad smile and wordlessly looking at the world she seemed to say, how beautiful it is. Out of joy she then sang for me a Romanian folk song; she made me feel rich about the musical traditions of Romania. At the end of it all, with a joyful and bashful smile she said to me - "I have a baby and I love her so much". Doing small things with great love leads us to love others beyond their deformity, wrinkles, flab, bad habits and weakness."

Please say a prayer for Brother Yesu Das and the other Brothers, Sisters and Priests of the Missionaries of Charity as well as for all the people they help. You can write to Brother Das and if it fits in your plans, a donation can be sent to the below address.

Brother Yesu Das, MC
Missionaries of Charity (Brothers.)
CALCUTTA 700 023

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